NYS Dept Of Environmental Conservation forms and regulations for buying firewood in New York State

A Short “how to” legally buy firewood in New York State

Simply print this form and fill it out if you are moving your own wood in the state of NY. Click on the arrow in the box on the top right of the document to enlarge it and print the document. Also you can simply enlarge it, highlight the document and copy it to your favorite word processing program.


If you are selling firewood in NY you will need to provide your customer with “Source Documentation” a document which will include the name and legal address of the firewood producer or firewood dealer, the source of the firewood, and the approximate volume of firewood if greater than one cord or 128 cubic feet. Source documentation may consist of a bill of lading, purchase receipt or invoice accompanying all such firewood sold or a label attached to each package or bundle of firewood.

The main goal of this web site is to provide you with a quick and easy way to find a reputable source for buying firewood while following New York State law. By using our locator map or directory we will make it simple and easy for you to find the right seller and make the deal that is right for you.

To paraphrase and condense hundreds of maybe thousands of state guidelines, records, laws, rules, suggestions and directives, it all boils down to one very easy to remember set of precepts. Most types and varieties of Firewood and mulch products in a certain radius need to be trucked to the end user no farther then Fifty, yup that’s 50, miles from where the tree was felled (cut down). There are dozens of if’s, and’s, or buts posted in this decree, so it is not as all cut and dry as it seems. Below in the bullet points there is a summary of information for basic consumer at home use. We will cover why you can’t purchase firewood more than fifty miles from where it was felled in a Later Section. Here are the basics:

No untreated firewood may be imported into New York State.

Firewood producers, sellers and dealers must provide “source documentation” for their firewood to their customers.

Persons who possess untreated firewood on New York state lands must have documentation of the firewood’s source.

Untreated firewood may not be moved more than 50 miles from its source.

Firewood may only be imported into New York State, or moved more than 50 miles from its source within NYS, if it has been treated (heated to at 160 F for 75 minutes) and labeled as “New York Approved Treated Firewood/Pest-Free” by the producer.

Persons moving untreated firewood for their own use (not for sale), must have a “Self-issued Certificate of Origin” (PDF, 14.9 kb) when transporting the firewood. Much more info is available here